We can help you be your best authentic feminine you

Transitioning from male to female?

If you feel you are struggling to find your true feminine self, we can help you navigate the minefield of fashion and errors, which we can ALL make!

We understand the challenges you are about to face, or have already faced.

We understand the journey you are embarking upon, or the journey you have been on to be where you are now.

All genders, trans or not, can ‘get it wrong’ when presenting themselves publicly, feeling huge pressure from time to time to fit in to today’s ‘filtered’ and ‘selfie’ obsessed society.

This is of course is hugely magnified when transitioning to your correct gender.

No one wants those second looks or questions about their gender, silently or verbally. From the research we have carried out, the majority just want to blend in effortlessly.

We hope that offering a service to those who feel they need a little helping hand when it comes to hair, wigs, make-up, beauty regime, posture, body language, dressing for your body shape and your colouring, will help diffuse  unwanted or negative attention.

We can teach you the art of subtle femininity and vitality, how less is always more.

We want to give you the opportunity to be THE best version of you, in all ways authentic and feminine.

You are unique and special.

We look forward to helping you finish your journey to being the authentic, stylish, glamorous woman you always knew you should be.